Is Reverse Osmosis Water Safe To Drink?

is Reverse Osmosis

Nowadays clean drinking water is difficult to get. In a place like Africa, rare thanks to the drought. Most of the countries, there is a lack of infrastructure to provide clean water. Even in our own homes tap water, we can see toxins like lead, arsenic, waste, and bacteria and this is a real concern. It is the main reasons to have a safe reverse osmosis water to drink. With the help of RO water, we can reduce the unwanted contaminants. It will reduce the vast majority of organisms and heavy toxins and metals.

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1. Reverse Osmosis Water

This reverse osmosis water sounds like a nerd botanical name you might have missed during your school days? But in real life, it’s just a type of filtration process for water. By the reverse osmosis water system, we can treat dissolved inorganic solids( Salts & Calcium ), untread water and also reduce the bacteria through the carbon filters.

Water flow through the carbon filter and leaves behind salts, toxins, cysts, chemicals,( Chlorine and Radon ) wastes and impurities. This simple and straightforward filtration process, as a result, it will give you fresh “pure” water.

2. Can We Drink Reverse Osmosis Water?

The answer is yes!! The filtered water through the reverse osmosis is drinkable.This system devoid the toxins and gives us a purified water and is not harmful to our body.A majority of third world-countries and many metropolitan cities use RO system to get fresh water. Make sure you are using the RO system for a camping trip to ensure you had a safe and pure water. Even this method can be employedin our own house to get clean water for our beloved family members.

3. The Reverse Osmosis water Advantages.

The water through the Reverse osmosis system reviews has many advantages to drink. If you live in places where there is a water issue, this can be the best way and safe way also to filter the water to drink. If a pesticide is a concern in your area, this RO water system makes a sense a lot. This system is the perfect option for tripping and camping or visiting some places with untreated water. It is the most efficient method for removing chemicals and traces in your water.

4. The Reverse osmosis water Disadvantages.

However, there are some disadvantages also with the reverse osmosis system too. For the new ones who are having water through the RO system cannot differentiate the healthy water and the RO water. The filtered minerals like iron and magnesium can cause us iron and magnesium deficiency.

  • Almost 10 in 1 women are having iron deficient which will lead to anemia and manganese deficient can result in knock the entire body.
  • Minerals are balancing our hormones if we are not getting the vitamins and minerals from proper diet we will extract it from the water, so this is the thing that RO water lags.Another major thing is cooking.

Unfiltered shower water is consumed by the Skin Lightening Forum at a rate more prominent than if it somehow managed to enter your body in a glass of drinking water. Preparing foods from this RO water can reduce the vitamins from the whole foods. World Health Organization mentions significant health concern will affect the long term use of mineralised  water.

5. Final answer about RO water.

By saying “Yes,”to installing an RO water isn’t an easy answer. We leave this personal discussion for yourself and your family. If the water in your community is a concern, you can feel the RO water is a better option and safe. It is a way better option than to ingesting the arsenic. If you are curious about the RO water system,then do your research about it. To buy the best RO water purifier read the reverse osmosis system reviews and choose wisely.